Our Top 5 Reasons to Buy and Drive Electric

#1 Cleans Up The Environment

With more EVs on our streets, we’ll have a reduction in pollution and smog. Battery Electric (BEV) vehicles don’t have any tailpipe emissions. Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) vehicles have reduced tailpipe emissions. Even if you charge an EV with electricity generated by fossil fuels, it releases fewer greenhouse gasses into the environment.

#2 Get Money for a Purchase or Lease

Buy or lease the car you love and get money back through federal, state and local incentives designed to bring down the cost of buying or leasing an electric car.

For information on incentives available to you, visit cleanfuelreward.com.

#3 Save on Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Electric motors are a time-tested technology with few moving parts. That means an EV’s powertrain generally requires little maintenance, is highly efficient, and doesn’t require an oil change.

Fuel Cost

Electric car charging in California costs roughly half the price of powering a standard gasoline car for driving the same distance. Most drivers charge their electric cars overnight at home and wake up to a full charge.

Plus, many electric utilities offer special time-of-use rates that vary based on the time of day when energy is used. Off-peak rates offer much lower charging costs, and electric cars can be programmed to charge when you want. Pair these lower rates with the simplicity of electric car charging for great fuel savings.


Electric motors have far fewer moving parts and never require oil changes, new spark plugs or fuel filters. Regenerative braking also extends the lifespan of brake pads by using the electric motor to decelerate the vehicle. This typically translates to lower overall maintenance costs and increased savings.

#4 Drive Solo in the Carpool Lane

Because California wants more electric vehicles on our roads, enjoy single-driver access to most carpool (or HOV) lanes throughout California.

This is thanks to the Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) Program.

#5 More Fun with Higher Performance

Unlike gas-powered cars, electric motors produce peak torque from a standstill, without the buildup gasoline engines require to reach maximum power. Electric motors react quickly, delivering plenty of acceleration exactly when you need it.

Electric cars also have great handling due to the battery pack being positioned in the center of most electric cars, which lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity. Providing superior weight distribution and stability, and improved cornering that minimizes rollover risk.

Visit cleanfuelreward.com for more ideas on the benefits of EV

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