At Sierra Chevrolet, our goal is to help you keep your trucks running as smoothly as your business. In addition to exceptional trucks, we offer expert sales advice and specialized service at many GM Medium-Duty Truck dealers nationwide. It's really quite simple: At Chevrolet, we don't just offer trucks, we offer expertise based on over 80 years of truck experience.

Chevrolet Warranty

Chevrolet backs your new vehicle with its Medium-Duty Truck Limited Warranty. The entire vehicle is warranted for repairs, including parts and labor, to correct defects in materials or workmanship, for two years/unlimited mileage (excludes routine maintenance; tires are warranted by their manufacturers). Frame rails and cross members are covered for five years/unlimited mileage. Cab sheet-metal rust-through is covered for five years/unlimited mileage. The warranty transfers automatically with vehicle ownership during the warranty period. The CAT? 3126E diesel engine is covered for three years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. See your Chevrolet Medium-Duty Truck dealer for terms and conditions of these limited warranties.

An important note about alterations and warranties:

Installations or alterations to the original equipment vehicle (or chassis) as distributed by General Motors are not covered by the General Motors New Vehicle Limited Warranty. The special body company, assembler, equipment installer, or upfitter is solely responsible for warranties on the body or equipment and any alterations (or any effect of the alterations) to any of the parts, components, systems, or assemblies installed by GM. General Motors is not responsible for the safety or quality of design features, materials or workmanship of any alterations by such suppliers.

GM Protection Plan

For additional coverage, Chevrolet offers the GM Protection Plan: three different plans with a variety of time and mileage options. All you pay is the cost of the contract and a small deductible (if applicable). So even if unexpected repairs catch you by surprise, you're covered.

You're eligible if you own a medium-duty truck that has been in service for less than 12 months and accrued less than 12,000 miles. Coverage will apply when a covered part fails. Failure means the inability of any original or GM replacement part covered by the medium-duty GM Protection Plan to function in normal service. The plan is cancelable for a full refund if cancellation occurs within 60 days ? or if a claim has been filed, the cancellation refund will be prorated based on the lesser of time or mileage remaining on the plan coverage, less a small administration fee.

Coverage Plans

Basic Engine Only
All lubricated internal engine parts, water pump, water outlet, manifolds, block, cylinder beads, flywheel, and ring gear, crankshaft damper, oil pan, valve covers, timing gear, chain and front cover assembly seals and gaskets, fuel injection system (including throttle body assembly, lines and nozzles), turbocharger, oil passage plugs, freeze plugs and governor.

Engine and Transmission Only
Same coverage as the Basic Engine Only Plan plus the transmission case, and all internal parts including torque converter, vacuum modulator, governor and gaskets.

Powertrain Plus
Same coverage as the Engine and Transmission Only Plan plus:

Front Axle and Suspension, including:
Axle I-Beam, kingpins, bearings and seals, steering knuckles, leaf springs, U-bolts, stabilizer shaft, linkage and bushings.

Rear Axles, Suspension, and Drive Line, including:
Leaf springs, stabilizer bar, equalizing beam and bar, torque rod, bushings and links, U-bolts, shafts and center support, yokes, flanges, U-joints, axle shafts and bearings, seals and gaskets (air suspension equipped: air bag assemblies, equalizing beams and bushings, air valves and solenoids, height control valve and link assembly, and air hoses and lines).

Instruments: Instrument cluster assembly.

1 Maintenance needs vary with different uses and driving conditions. See the Owner's Manual for more information.

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